Ape nel Parco Sempione #10: Dj Boring Live

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Ape nel Parco Sempione #10: Dj Boring Live - Altre info

APE nel Parco #10: Dj Boring LIVE a Parco Sempione

Eventi del 10 settembre a Milano: Ape nel Parco Sempione #10 con Dj Boring Live

Ancora una volta, a Parco Sempione, appuntamento con l’Ape nel Parco: in APE we trust! Il 10 settembre a Milano a BORING night to have fun!

September10 – Playing whit us

  • APE Soundsystem warmup set
  • Sergio Binachi b2b Red – Discoteca Paradiso
    Fresh house and nu-disco party with the finest grooves
    is the moniker of an Australian-born, London-based house producer who achieved viral success (and a degree of infamy) with his 2016 track “Winona.” Characterized by its atmospheric synth pads, slightly jarring bass swoops, and most of all, a poignant sample of Winona Ryder recalling a casting director telling her she wasn’t attractive enough to be an actress, the track was uploaded to YouTube in late September of that year, and quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of views. It probably didn’t hurt that the Ryder-starring sci-fi/horror series Stranger Things had just become a major pop culture phenomenon that summer. All of a sudden, several journalists questioned the intentions of this unheard-of producer, as well as other ironically named, ’90s-loving artists such as Ross from Friends and DJ Seinfeld, and lumped them together as part of a “lo-fi house” craze. Despite its detractors, the song gained an enthusiastic following, and was released on vinyl by E-Beamz at the close of the year.
  • Hausmann DJSET
    house purist dj with Hip Hop & Disco roots, co-founder of AAC Radio, promoter and electronic music enthusiast Alessandro Giannone, aka Hausmann, started DJing at the age of 14, arranging and promoting his own shows in his hometown and all around the South of Italy. In 2017 he starts cooperanting with Automat Radio, that has now travelled through more than 50 cities in 10 different European countries. Now he is one of the brains behind AAC.live, a new independent WebTV focused on contemporary music and digital oriented art. Hausmann gets influences ranging from disco to funk, via classic house and hip house, not to mention the ‘80s and ‘90s nuances of R&B.
  • Terminus digital art.

Special Contents

Hula Hoop Workshop e Birretta ^.^!
Come funziona?
Dalle 19.30-21.00
Vestiti Comodi, se ce l’avete portate il vostro Hoop
10€ a partecipante, BIRRETTA COMPRESA
Hoopers: Rebecca Zaccarini, Kerol Zariska Guzman Montaño, Sara Vecchiori, Meri Inthehoop, Valentina Marmorato

Special Nourishings

Aperol Spritz
Birrificio Angelo Poretti
Birrificio Artigianale La Buttiga
Birrificio artigianale PicoBrew
Bello & Buono – cucina partenopea
Ape Cesare – street food romano
El Caminante – un nuovo modo di gustare le arepas

always supporting
Apepak l’involucro per cibo 100% naturale

You’ll never feel Ape!
(Until you try)

Ape è organizzato dall’associazione APE (www.associazioneape.com) in collaborazione con Pablo, con il supporto ed il contributo del Municipio 1 di Milano.


Parco Sempione (davanti all’Arena), Milano – Martedì 10 settembre 2019 dalle ore 17:30 alle 01:00


Ingresso gratuito


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Dal 10 Settembre 2019 @ 17:30
Al 11 Settembre 2019 @ 1:00
Costo Gratuito

Luogo dell'evento

Parco Sempione Milano

Piazza Sempione
Milano, 20154 Italia

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